4 Trending Online Casino Games

Times changed and technology kept evolving. The word of entertainment transformed and this gave birth to online games. Even our favourite casino games became available online. People now could sit at their respective comfort zones and enjoy their game.

So here is the list of top 4 trending online casino games for the year 2017.


It is a game which includes everything that a casual or a high roller casino player looks for. It is also known as twenty-one. This game requires several players and a dealer to start with. Each player will play against the leader, but will not play against each other.


It is named after a French word which means little wheel. In this game players can bet on a single number, multiple numbers, can bet depending on colours like red or black or even go for high (19–36) or low (1–18) numbers.


Keno is one of the most liked games of recent times because it is a lottery like a gambling game where luck matters a lot. Most of the online casino gamblers prefer Keno. In this game, players choose numbers starting from 1 to 80. After all the players call their bet, 20 random numbers are drawn and finally a lucky winner get selected.

Slot machine

It is also known as fruit machine. It is a gambling machine equipped with three or more wheels and gets into moment when a button is pressed. It has a money detector which validates how much amount is inserted for the game.

A very important thing that everybody should keep in mind is that online casinos are nowhere responsible to protect the gamblers against loss or addiction. So play it smartly and don’t be fooled.