Most Addicting IPhone Games

We’ve got you covered. It can be tough to keep track of all the games coming out, so we’ve gone ahead and collected the best new games that will keep you coming back for more.

From games like Mr Jump that are as fun and frustrating as Flappy Bird to gorgeous newcomers like Alto’s Adventure and Naught Reawakening — you’re bound to find something you’ll like.

Mr Jump can be frustrating but addictingly fun.

With the charm and difficulty of Flappy Bird, Mr Jump is an addicting platformer where you jump over spikes while trying to avoid the water. There’s 12 levels, but even the first one is a challenge.

Dodge traffic and collect coins in Stickman Rush.

Stickman Rush puts you in control of a stick man as you weave your way through traffic and jump over obstacles for as long as you can. The controls are easy to learn and the charming art style will keep you tapping the “Retry” button.

Weave your way through a dark and haunting underground world in Naught Reawakening.

This beautiful adventure game puts you in control of Naught as you explore the underground caverns that toy with gravity and contain countless mysteries.

Race against your friends in cars from the movies in Fast & Furious: Legacy.

Fans of the racing franchise will love Fast & Furious: Legacy. You can race head-to-head against your friends, complete story missions, and test drive cars from all seven films — all while racing through classic locations ranging from Miami to Tokyo.

Play an abstract version of billiards with Magic Shot.

Magic Shot is a fun twist on French Billiards with 2,700 unique levels that morph and change shape after you take a shot. For each level, you only have one shot to hit both the yellow and red ball with your cue ball.

Play Cards Against Humanity on your phone with this custom app.

Cards Against Originality is a web app that lets you play the official Cards Against Humanity game — all thanks to the original game’s Creative Commons license. By saving the web app to your phone’s homescreen, you can play with the official cards and expansions and link up over Wi-Fi to play with your friends.